Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm Tired - Rambling Will Ensue

So Frenziers*, with April approaching, preparation is a good idea.

As I stated in my previous post, I haven't written a play in quite some time - junior year of high school, to be exact. Due to this prolonged length of time, I went to Barnes & Noble** once I decided to participate in ScriptFrenzy for a resource book.

I'm currently reading The Playwright's Guidebook: An insightful primer on the art of dramatic writing by Stuart Spencer. I am finding it very helpful and interesting.

I also went to a used bookstore, where I purchased Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named Desire" and Edmond Rostand's "Cyrano de Bergerac"***. I have actually never read either of these plays, but am greatly looking forward to it.

What preparations, if any, are YOU doing?

*"Frenziers" is my newly invented term (as of a few minutes ago) for people doing ScriptFrenzy.

**I went to a physical store, not the website.

***I also purchased a copy of Agatha Christie's autobiography, which I had previously somehow not known existed until I laid my eyes on it. Being an avid Christie fan, I was exceedingly excited.


Possum said...

Frenziers... Very nice, Shelly. I'm one of your fellow frenziers! Ain't that exciting?!

Yes, yes it is.

So are you going to be a fellow BEDA-er this year? In April, at least? Or shall you take the route Maureen set out for August? I think you'd be able to do it! I mean, I know last year wasn't the FULL 30 days, but still!

Whoah. A resource book? Now I really feel unprepared in my adventures that await for Script Frenzy. I think I should reread the book I plan on adapting. Yes, that's a good plan. I shall do that! (It's a Meg Cabot book, so I don't really see this as horrible. xD)

Why did you write a play in high school, though? Gr. I should've took Writer's Craft this semester! It could've gave me some tips. I love how I just dive into these projects with no experience/backing. I just hope Frenzy is more successful than NaNoWriMo. >.>

Used bookstores ftw! I borrowed a Walt Whitman book out of my store today. It was a pretty cool book. I love how there are some pretty awesome finds in the store. It's quite exciting. There's a lot of plays and such in the classics. I should shimmy over and check them out tomorrow.

(Have fun reading the plays, by the way!)

So I guess the preparations I'm doing for Frenzy is rereading the book I plan on adapting. Although I don't know if adapting is the right choice for Frenzy. Hm. I'm actually going to really have to sit down and think. April 1st is very soon, when you think about it.

Yay for the autobiography! I can see why that would be exciting! See? Used bookstores are awesome! (Although you already knew that.)

Shelly Quade said...

Hi Possum. It's very exciting.

I don't plan on doing BEDA in April - maybe in August. We'll see.

I think it's a very good idea to re-read the Meg Cabot book you plan on adapting.

I wrote a play in high school for this creative writing class I took.

You should definitely check out the plays in the classics section. It will be fun, our reading plays together.