Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'm going to be annoying - but please read, anyway

I recently discovered that Michael Thomas Ford, author of one of the few Austen adaptations I genuinely enjoyed, is attempting to raise funds to help him release a new novel on Indiegogo.

I am writing about this for a few reasons:

1) I think utilizing Indiegogo to sell books is a pretty cool concept. Particularly since Mr. Ford has had success with getting his books published through a publishing house. The fact that he does not need to self-publish, but is experimenting with it anyway is inspiring. We all need to keep experimenting throughout our lives, mais oui?

Intimate-apparel-turned-hat is optional. However, if you do create a gorgeous sexbot, don't be a weenie. Have sex with it. (Also, if you haven't seen "Weird Science," don't bother - I just ruined it for you.)

2) I think that Mr. Ford is an excellent writer. Therefore, I would like more of his delightful books existing in this crazy world. Life is depressing enough; let's not deprive ourselves of a great book.

3) This book that Mr. Ford is self-publishing sounds kick ass.

...not this kind of kick ass
Seriously, he's writing a fairy-tale-esque adaptation involving a psychic 13-year-old girl named Lily, an evil mother, and a traveling church revival... how awesome does that sound?

That's right - very awesome.

4) Mr. Ford is not quite halfway to his goal monetary amount, and there are only 14 days to go!

5) It only takes $15 to help out. For $15, you can get an e-book copy of the novel. For $25, you can get a paperback. For $35, you can get a hardcover (& e-book copy, if desired).

6) Christmas is coming up - this sale allows you to do a good deed and get some Christmas shopping out of the way!

& who doesn't want more presents from Santa?
So please, check it out at this link. & if it sounds like something you or someone you know well might like, consider buying a copy and showing your support for someone who writes well.