Monday, January 18, 2010

On Why I Avoid Watching "Family Guy"

I hate Lois Griffin.

While I realize hatred of a fictional character is pretty stupid and pointless, I can't help it. Feelings of ill will fester inside of me when I hear her loud voice being passive or ineffective.

One of the great things about Family Guy is that everyone on the show is an asshole sometimes - like in real life. Let's face it: absolute sweethearts who always do the right thing and are always nice only exist in the form of the Disney princess. In real life, people often suffer from jackass syndrome, so the characters in the show Family Guy are realistic.

Lois Griffin, however, while being a MILF, is just a horrible, horrible fictional woman. She has no excuses for being horrible, and her only redeeming quality is her looks. Frankly, that's not enough.

In case you missed WHY exactly Lois is horrible, let me list the reasons:

*She allows her husband to hurt other people. She simply ignores him when he's doing many inappropriate things. She encourages him to continue thinking of women as property, good for sex and cleaning the house.

*She continually insults her daughter Meg, and laughs when others insult her daughter. When she's not insulting Meg, she's generally ignoring her. She is an emotionally abusive bitch who deserves the death wish that Stewie harbors.

*She continually ignores her baby boy Stewie. There are numerous times when she outright ignores the baby, says something that makes it clear she understands him and just doesn't care, and somehow misses the fact that he's often trying to kill her. He's not exactly subtle in his maneuverings. She just doesn't pay enough attention to her baby to notice.

*She doesn't help her children. Her son Chris doesn't do well in school - why the hell doesn't she suggest a tutor? Her daughter has a lot of problems (which Lois has probably helped cause) - why doesn't she suggest a therapist?

*She generally lets her husband get drunk on a regular basis without comment.

*In numerous episodes, she makes it clear that she values sex with her husband more than the needs of her children. Yes, sex is an important part of any relationship, but the frequency with which references are made to the Griffins' sexual intimacy indicates that, in general, Lois Griffin is just a selfish bitch who values sex more than her children.

Are we supposed to feel bad for her because she came from a family with a lot of money, and has deteriorated to living in a poor household with a technically retarded husband with a drinking problem and three whiny kids? No. It has been made clear in many episodes that Lois Griffin CHOSE her current life situation, that she values it more than the lifestyle in which she grew up. It has been made clear that Lois considers the lifestyle in which she was raised to be superficial, and that she thinks money complicates things. Moreover, it is clear that she had her pick of men. She picked Peter, a guy she loves so long as he is in the vicinity (i.e., she has re-married and talked about his being physically incapacitated being unacceptable in episodes).

She has also mentioned having tried to drink & smoke her baby to death, only to "chicken out," which resulted in Chris. She has mentioned not knowing her birth control was invalidated by other medication to her teenage daughter, basically letting her kids know, in general, that they were accidents.

She is a horrible fictional woman, and I hate her. She has no redeeming qualities to make up for all of her horrible, horrible character traits. It revolts me to hear that nasally voice, particularly as the words coming out of her mouth are generally comedic remarks made at the expense of her children.

Knowing that she is from a wealthy family, and from her mannerisms and remarks, knowing that she was well-educated makes her behavior all the more appalling.

I HATE Lois Griffin.

And that is why I don't watch Family Guy anymore.


Merrilee said...

Wow. I loathe family guy in general, and this just sums up why. Ugh. A perfect example of comedy that fails.

Shelly Quade said...

Thank you for commenting, and for letting me know that you agree, Merrilee. :)

Possum said...

Whoah-oah, I'm not going to lie. I've only seen one episode of Family Guy (and barely even that). As much as everyone loves it, I just didn't get into it. Call me a Simpsons fan, but that's how it goes.

However, the reasons why you hate the wife of the show is SO TOTALLY VALID (opposed to "she's annoying") I wish I watched the show just to know a little bit more to know what you're talking about.

Actually, the reasons why you said you hate Family Guy, it just kind of makes me want to avoid it even more. I agree with Merrilee on how comedy fails.

Good blog entry! Even though I hate some characters that I think just ruin the whole show, I just simply can't do what you did. So I give you kudos!


Shelly Quade said...

Hello, Possum! Thank you for commenting.

It seems there are a lot of people who don't like Family Guy, or at least, who don't enjoy it anymore.

But you could totally do what I did - maybe not with Family Guy, but with another show you don't particularly care for, but have seen often enough to know what bothers you.

Thanks again. :)

Anonymous said...

In a recent episode, she makes out with Meg's boyfriend. Not only is she cheating on Peter, but she is proving once again that Meg's feelings don't matter.

Brian brings home a dumb blonde girlfriend, and Lois openly mocks him, saying "Are you serious Brian?" I kept waiting for Brian to point to Peter and say, "Um, are you serious?"

Again he brings home Lauren Conrad, and Lois says she is an idiot. Again, I am wondering when someone is going to point out that she's married to Peter, who is technically mentally challenged. Why does she sit in judgment so often? Why does she feel superior?

When Brian brings home an older woman, Rita, at the age of 50, Lois makes fun of him for dating "a hundred" year old. Lois herself is 40-42, so what in the world???

I just hate Lois. HATE HER. She has no redeeming qualities. She is selfish, shallow, yet has no problem passing judgment on others, like she has an authority to do so.

I just want to smack her. I often zip through her parts when I'm watching Family Guy on DVD. Because as much as I hate her, I do enjoy the show.

So thank you for hating Lois with me. When you feel this strongly about something that is obviously pretty insignificant (i.e. a fictional cartoon character) it's nice to know others feel the same!

Shelly Quade said...

Hello, Mere33dith! Thank you for commenting.

"So thank you for hating Lois with me. When you feel this strongly about something that is obviously pretty insignificant (i.e. a fictional cartoon character) it's nice to know others feel the same!"

I totally agree. It is nice to know that I am not alone. :)

Also, thank you for providing further evidence that our opinion is obviously the correct one.

shizzy said...

I m aslo love Family Guy Tv Show and I love Steview

bexeth said...

I realize this is a really old post, but I just found it and I can't agree with you more. I thoroughly enjoy FG, considering it one of my favorite shows, but I absolutely loathe the character of Lois. I didn't think there was a cartoon character I could possibly hate more than Peggy Hill, but Lois beats her by a mile. Peggy Hill is at least a good mother.

Shelly Quade said...

Hello, bexeth! I have no problem with people commenting on old blog posts. :)

You're right...Peggy Hill is annoying, as well, but I think Mrs. Griffin takes the cake.

Chiman10 said...

I like this post so much! I hate Lois Griffin with a passion. =D Good job!

By the way, I hope that you don't mind, but I made a blog post on by the same way that you made this post. I made it just about Peter Griffin instead. =)

URL to the blog post about Peter Griffin:;title

Adam Cross said...

I just found this blog post because I wanted to know if other people hate this character as much as I do. And people do! Makes me happy. And you and I hate her for the same reasons.

BluBird1976 said...

She also acted like a complete bitch in an episode where Brian dates a woman only a few years older than she is (Lois makes hateful old lady comments) and she's transphobic telling Meg to throw out food that Quagmires transgendered parent has made for the family "in the outside garbage".

Jakeob Davis said...

I just watched her yell "screw you!" To stewie because he bit her finger. He's fucking 1 year old what the actual hell? Fuck Lois Griffin!

Jakeob Davis said...


Anonymous said...

Lois is just atrocious. Hooking up with Meg's boyfriend was just gross.

mj1234567 said...

I hate lois griffin with a burning passion. She has the epitome of every trait that would already be enough to make any character extremely unlikable. I almost never watch episodes from season 7 or later because she's absolutely horrendous now. Bonnie Swanson is equally bad.

Unknown said...

I completely agree about Lois, if she weren't a fictional character she would be a horrible human being on every level.
To the point of Lois' being a milf, she's not, she has the same body as every other woman on the show (in fact most women on the show are drawn with much more flattering lines),a huge misshapen nose, she dresses like a frumpy blumpkin merchant on laundry day , and she has the same hair style as Luke Skywalker. On top of that she has an extremely ugly personality, which like Tyra Banks would negate any physical hotness she may have the moment she opened her mouth to spew forth the garbage she calls conversation. So, all and all, not a MILF.
Does anyone else think Linda Belcher is kind of like the anti-Lois?
Linda is an awesome Mom and Wife, even if shes a little zanny and sometimes misguided, it is a comedy after all. She is endlessly supportive and fiercely protective of her children and husband. Linda unlike Lois is not at all stuck up or judgemental, even when she probably should be. Though they don't make her perfect, they keep her very flawed, which makes her relatable. You can have a female character be strong and funny without making her helpless, or a complete bitch. All joking aside, if there are female writers at family guy I hope that I never meet them, and if the writers are all men I pity there wives, what you find funny relates to who you are.

Mike Andrews said...

Also Linda isn't depicted as being a MILF but her super fun personality would overcome any physical flaws and result in MILFiness

Unknown said...

I hate Lois and that fucking dog
Both of them should be outside on a leash!