Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Expecting Moore Comedy

I'm a big Christopher Moore fan. Ever since I first stumbled across Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story as a senior in high school and devoured it while riding airplanes and suffering motion sickness, I've been hooked. So I was really excited at the prospect of reading his latest novel, S'Acre Bleu, a book which involves the Impressionist artists and is described as a "Comedie d'Art."

Sacre Bleu has Moore's trademark crazy plots, and definitely had some laugh-out-loud moments, but I wouldn't call it a comedic novel. Overall, the story is interesting, but it didn't leave me with that bubbly feeling of mirth and fun that I generally get from reading a genuine comedic novel. The feelings that are usually brought forth from reading a Christopher Moore novel.

Maybe Christopher Moore is simply becoming a more serious writer, or a more mature person.

Like I said, the book was interesting. Moore obviously did a bit of research, and is also genuinely interested in art, which shows in his writing. And the plot is zany, which keeps the reader interested and wondering where the crazy ride is going to end up.

Did you read this novel? What were your thoughts?

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