Thursday, May 26, 2011

Opposition to the Idea of Marriage

A silly institution,
bringing to fruition
the condition
that we are taught on television
is the natural romantic relation.

The perfect white dress
is the start of a mess.
The vow "until death"
just causes stress;
it's cultural duress.

I don't want this cage.
It puts me in a rage
this desire is attributed to young age;
I'll feel the same when a sage.

You see,
getting married
vents women being free.

The man was king,
for he had the money,
and fe-
males re-
sorted to goldigging,
but it was okey
so long as she got a ring.

The continuance
of this nuisance
we succumb to like puissants
is not merely an acceptance,
but also an upholdance,
that past trespasses
on the female race,
while (often) currently in recess,
are our inheritance
because it still holds resonance.

If you think it's right
that women be in the plight
in which they have no rights,
and aren't allowed to fight
for an end to such blight,
then fine.

Get married.

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