Monday, November 22, 2010

My Mother is Hilarious

You know those times when you're texting someone, and you start spouting/typing nonsense b/c you don't want to seem boring? (Or is that just me?)

Well, regardless of whether it's a universal reaction or not, my mother totally gets it, as evidenced by this texting exchange that occurred the other day:

MomBot2010: How's it going Toots?

Me: Fine. How are you?

MomBot2010: Fine, thank you. I love you.

Me: Uhn uh. *shakes head*

MomBot2010: don't be crazy

Me: Yes. *nods vigorously*

MomBot2010: you crack me up. I miss hanging out with you.

Me: Me too. Miss hanging with you, I mean. (I hang w/ myself all the time... It's a li'l scary. I won't leave myself alone. Am I a STALKER?!) [inserted emoticon w/ shifting, paranoid eyes]

MomBot2010: you are one of a kind. I am so proud that you are my daughter.

And that is why I love my mom - no one else would respond with kind, comforting words to my craziness.

Also, in case anyone was wondering, my mom isn't a robot & doesn't use the pseudonym given to her on this blog entry. Although, if she was a robot, that might be kind of cool. Except spankings would have hurt like a bitch growing up. One more reason to be glad my mom is the way she is.

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