Monday, June 21, 2010

I Don't Usually Blog About Myself

But I can't keep quiet.

My boyfriend asked me to marry him -- and I said yes.

No date or plans made yet, just excitement. Lots & lots of good feelings & excitement.


Wombat said...

Ahhhhh! CONGRATULATIONS! That's so awesome! I hope you WILL update when you have a date and everything! Oh, and I'm really curious about how he asked you and everything! :)


Possum said...


Your post caught my eye (title wise) because... You normally DON'T blog about yourself! But I was glad to see you did. This is exciting! Like good ol' Wombat said, you must give some details about how he did it!

(For some reason, I'm imagining fortune cookie style... Yeah, no.)

But yay! Excitement even above you, in Canadadada!

Shelly Quade said...

Thank you, Wombat and Possum!

As to how he did it, it was not fortune cookie style...

Basically, I've been saying I don't want to get married for a long time now (since 4th grade, I think), for various reasons that I won't go into. It was, however, really important to my boyfriend, so he asked me a few nights ago, in a subtle, almost not asking way. I said I needed time to think, and the next day, I whispered "yes" in his ear at the end of our lunch date.

Possum said...

That's cool! I like how you whispered it in his ear, all SPY like. Did you walk away all cool after? Or did you see HIM smile? You should write it into a story or something! Do it, Shelly! Do it!

Question: Have you read Remember Me by Christopher Pike?

Shelly Quade said...

I waited to see him smile... :)

I have read the "Remember Me" TRILOGY by Mr. Pike. Why do you ask?

Possum said...

I'm just curious, because I heard the other two Remember Me books were TRES LAME. Because a few years ago, my friend and I discovered we both read Remember Me and LOVED IT! And so I was all "I think there are two books after it?" and she took them off her shelf... Saying they were LAME!

So I was always a little hesitant to CHECK `EM OUT.

I was just asking, because they're being rereleased and stuff.

Ooh, actually. The Last Vampire series. I thought the books ended at the sixth one, where we find Seymour wrote the entire thing... But when I was just flipping through the NEW RELEASED VOLUME TWO, it said the story was going to continue! I was all "! HE'S GOING TO WRITE MORE?" I was confused. And since you're my resident (internet wise...) Pike fan, I thought I'd ask your THOUGHTS on that.


Shelly Quade said...

I have read the trilogy. I don't think that the second two books are as good as the first. However, I also think that the first book worked very well on its' own. It had a coherent plot that was wrapped up nicely, and so to continue from where it ended must have been kind of difficult. I think that they display some interesting ideas, however, and I definitely don't think they're lame.

For awhile now, "The Last Vampire" series has ended at six books. Since "Twilight," and the "Vampire Diaries" TV show, which brought back the LJ Smith series from the nineties, "The Last Vampire" series has been re-released in two omnibus editions. These two omnibus editions have been selling very well, both making the NY Times bestseller list, and so Pike has written more.

I am definitely going to read the continuation.

I do not expect it to be amazing.

It is Christopher Pike, however, so I might be pleasantly surprised.