Saturday, February 6, 2010

Benjamin Pratt Book Review

I received an ARC of We the Children, the first book in the Benjamin Pratt & the Keepers of the School book series. These books are written by Andrew Clements, and illustrated by Adam Stower.

Aimed at the age group from 7-10 years old, this book is a quick read. The plot is sort of ridiculous, but fun, and character development is started, but doesn't feel fully fleshed out. Yet. It is clear that the series will need to be read as a whole for completion of the story. This book begins the tale, but feels mostly like exposition. It's setting the scene, giving the necessary background information for the story arc to follow.

To be fair, I don't tend to read books intended for this age group, anymore. At the same time, I wouldn't recommend reading this book yet, because I feel that a book should be more well-rounded on its' own. I might be willing to recommend the book series as a whole, but it's not finished, so I can't really say yet.

I would say this first book is interesting, and I'm curious as to what will happen next. It's a Simon & Schuster book that comes out in April of this year. If you think this book might be for you or someone you know, click the picture above for more information.


Possum said...

That's cool you've got an ARC copy! How'd you do that?!

I think this book would be something my brother would like. As he isn't into the coming of age stories that are with YA novels, so cool! I myself aren't really into that age category yet, unless I know the author. Kind of like with the Allie Finkle series by Meg Cabot. I wouldn't normally read those books, but since they're Cabot, I make an exception. Yeah.

Although series books, I could see why the first book would be the "starting" book. However, books like that, they make for an unsatisfying read when the rest of the books aren't released. Sigh.

But cool about getting that ARC copy!

Shelly Quade said...

Hey, Possum! Sorry I took so long to respond...having a blonde moment, though I'm not, you know, blonde.

I don't remember how I rec'd this particular ARC copy. I'm a member of Library Thing, and request ARCs through a program on there sometimes. I also receive publishing newsletters in my e-mail, whereby I can sometimes request ARCs.

I believe some publishing houses have official YA branches whereby teens can request ARCs to review. You should look into it.