Monday, November 2, 2009

I Know, I Know, I Haven't Posted in Forever

Isn't it fun, though, when life gets super busy and then November gets here and you realize you committed yourself to writing 1,667 words a day?

By busy, of course, I mean slowly reading Stephen King's It and occasionally opening a word document when you're not working and staring at the screen as the story has halted.

Then again, it's November, which means working on an entirely new story!

I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty tired right now. So let me just report on yesterday and work on the NaNo story.

Yesterday, I woke up about 10:30ish, got my Starbucks, discovered that both Starbucks & Borders were pretty full at the moment, went to Purdue's union and got a little over 600 words done.

Then, I went to my first write-in EVER, regretted not having brought my headphones (while hearing other people talking can be distracting, it creeps me out not to have any sound around me), and wrote over 3,000 words more. So, yeah. Creepy or not, I've gotta recommend attending write-ins, if at all possible.

Yesterday's total word count: 3,801

P.S. If you feel like further procrastinating, Maureen Johnson wrote a blog post about NaNo.

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