Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Hate Everything

Okay, not really.

Today is just really, really not a cool day.

I'm behind on my writing, of course. Part of the reason is that I have to force myself to return to Purdue campus every day to use one of the computers available at the university because my own computer is not yet set up. Part of the reason is that I'm a born procrastinator. Exhibit A: This blog, which, technically, I shouldn't be posting in at all if my word count of the day isn't done, right?

I woke up today with a headache, and with my head feeling warm, though I'm not REALLY warm, I just feel that way. And I'm not really tired, so I don't think a nap is going to solve anything. I'm not sick, but I don't feel well.

And, as usual, work made me furious. In a way, this should be a good thing, because my novel is about a person who allows her frustrations with her fast food job to develop into homicidal tendencies upon which she acts. So my fast food job of the moment is actually a good thing. I have been writing a lot, so far, that draws from my actual experiences, but hyped up a bit. At the same time, I don't like doing a job I hate. It's such a chore to drag myself out of bed every morning at 6:30, and I think part of the reason I feel like crap a lot is because I don't like my job.

But what job would I prefer to do?

That is an excellent question. And honestly, I haven't a clue as to what the answer is.

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